Unearthing the Unearthed


Micelio’s research capabilities are bolstered by collaborations with prominent think tanks and academic institutions. Our team’s deep analysis and unique perspectives offer stakeholders unparalleled insights into the clean mobility landscape, backed by extensive industry connections. At Micelio Reports, we are committed to delivering the highest quality research and analysis to help drive the future of clean mobility forward.

Urban Mobility Lab

This report offers a reflection of the discussions that took place at the 19–20 February workshop and a summary of the solutions. It aims to share the details, including key insights and lessons learned, in order to accelerate the implementation and scaling of mobility solutions in Bangalore and beyond.

Catalysing E-Mobility

This report, co-authored by Micelio Mobility, RMI India Foundation, and NSRCEL IIM Bangalore, offers a comprehensive look at the state of the clean obility startup ecosystem in terms of innovation, funding, supply chain bottlenecks, complexities involved, and proposed solutions.

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