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Micelio Discovery Studio

Micelio Discovery Studio (MDS) serves as an engineering, testing, and validation facility, which functions as a business growth accelerator for the development of clean mobility products and services.

The scarcity of affordable testing equipment for innovative ideas is a major obstacle for many clean mobility entrepreneurs as they progress from concept to working prototype. To address this challenge, MDS strives to bridge the affordability gap by providing tiered time slots on state-of-the-art prototype testing equipment and advanced software. This approach empowers even bootstrapped Indian startups to test their engineering and design concepts without incurring heavy capital investment.

Digital Twin Lab

Digital Twin Lab is a joint project between the Automotive Research Association of India(ARAI) and Micelio to establish a Common Engineering Facility Centre (CEFC), focusing on Digital Twin Technology and its application across the sectors.

Support to key automotive technology areas:

  • HIL farm comprising of Hardware-In-Loop sytem
  • A centre for Integrated Computational Materials Engineering simulation platform (ICME)
  • A centre for system development using AI and ML

Mechanical Testing Lab

Micelio Mechanical Testing Lab provides mechanical testing services to validate the design, quality, and reliability of products for specific applications. The lab is equipped with specialized equipment such as motor test rigs, cam drum test rigs, and an environmental chamber.

Electrical Testing Lab

The Electrical Testing Lab provides testing services for electrical devices and systems. It is equipped with specialized equipment such as a battery cycler, cell cycler, charger test bench, MSO (Mixed Signal Oscilloscope), real-time spectrum analyzer, current probes, and voltage probes etc.

Digital Twin Lab (Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) | Micelio)

Emerging Automotive Systems are evolving rapidly, and the Common Engineering Facility Centre (CEFC),  is here to meet the demands of this dynamic industry. Micelio and ARAI have joined forces for this state-of-the-art facility, focused on creating a powerhouse of digital twin solutions and testing capabilities. 

The facility centre is operated in a hub and spoke model with ARAI Facility (Pune) being the hub and Micelio Facility(Bangalore) and IIT Guwahati Campus being spoke. The facility is designed to support the following key automotive technology areas:

  • HIL Farm facility comprising of various Hardware in Loop System: Develop control systems that drive the automotive industry forward.
  • Centre for Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) Simulation Platform: Innovate in materials engineering by connecting material models at different scales.
  • Centre for System Development using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning(AI/ML): Harness the power of AI and ML for driver assistance, safety, and electric vehicle controls.  

Testing Facility

Micelio Discovery Studio has invested in essential, EV-specific machinery and industrial space you can benefit from at a very nominal cost. With high-quality equipment and precision, we ensure better test results and support.

Battery Cycler

Cell Cycler (2 Channels)

Cell Cycler (96 Channels)

Motor Test Bench

HIL System for Powertrain

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