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Stories and Analysis from the World of Electric Vehicles

Whether you’re a passionate EV enthusiast or simply curious about the future of sustainable transportation, EV Insights is the perfect place to stay informed and engaged. So come along for the ride and explore the exciting world of electric mobility with us!

Linkedin     5 min read

Harnessing Digital Twin Technologies to Revolutionize EV Battery Optimization and Performance

By Shreyas Shibulal

Electrifying transportation is crucial for fighting climate change, and electric vehicles (EVs) are leading the way. But there are hurdles like limited range, slow charging, and battery wear. Batteries are like the heart of any Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV). 

BW Disrupt     4 min read

Decoding EV Adoption And Its Impact On Nation’s Energy Landscape

By Shreyas Shibulal

EV adoption rates are expected to reach 10 per cent to 12 per cent by FY26 and 30 per cent to 35 per cent by FY30.

FInancial Express     4 min read

Sustainable materials: eco-friendly innovations in EV manufacturing

By Shreyas Shibulal

The dynamic electric vehicle environment in is undergoing a transformation, fuelled by a growing emphasis on sustainability, and the eco-friendly strides made by the Indian EV industry as it sails a green course toward a more sustainable future.

Linkedin     3 min read

Micelio Mobility Awards, Categories, and Nominations

By Micelio Mobility

Change-makers? Pathbreakers? Going against all odds, even if you’re going alone? As we propel towards the first edition of the Micelio Global Clean Mobility Summit, we thought we’d reach out to all the trailblazers and change catalysts who are trying to rewrite the narrative and disrupt the mobility industry.

Linkedin     4 min read

Hungary: Calling the shots for a cleaner future

By Trisha Jha and Godwin George

Automotive industry is one of Hungary's most important businesses, employing over 170,000 people and accounting for around 20% of overall exports. Electronics, IT, pharmaceuticals, and medical technology, as well as renewable energy, are becoming increasingly essential as the government shifts its attention to R&D and innovation.

Time of India     4 min read

Scaling India’s battery ecosystem: Crucial next steps

By Shreyas Shibulal

At this point, the writing on the wall is quite clear - electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of mobility. With many governments committing to transition to EVs and providing strong policy support, EVs are now increasingly being seen as a viable alternative to conventional vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICEVs).

Linkedin     5 min read

Building the Indian EV Ecosystem: Challenges and opportunities

By Shreyas Shibulal

The mobility industry is clearly going through one of its most disruptive periods with electrification being one of the major drivers of this transformation.

Times of India     4 min read

Critical gaps in India’s EV policies

By Shreyas Shibulal

It is clear to many that the future of mobility will be shaped in large part by electric vehicles (EVs). The Indian EV industry is still in a relatively nascent stage.