Micelio Pulse

Amplifying The Clean Mobility Agenda

Micelio Pulse

Micelio Pulse is the in-house strategic think tank that seeks to promote awareness, acceptance and adoption of clean mobility among a wide spectrum of stakeholders.

Micelio Pulse regularly organizes direct stakeholder engagements, like workshops and conferences. The entity also partners with leading centers of learning & research for highly relevant studies on critical aspects at the intersection of mobility, society and environment.

In a nation of 1.4 billion, with a large proportion of aspirational youth and a rapidly growing middle class, land-based transportation represents the largest opportunity for clean mobility to impact the carbon footprint. That is why it is the current priority.

However, Micelio Pulse recognizes that for a lasting, cleaner future for mobility, the ecosystem must include all modes of commercial transport and passenger travel – including air, sea and space.