How Micelio Makes it Happen

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An Ensemble Of
Collaborative Solutions

Micelio is structured into four verticals designed to cater to the needs of diverse stakeholders in the ecosystem – ranging from startups entrepreneurs, engineers, researchers and academics, to NGOs and policymakers.

Micelio Fund

Micelio Fund offers early stage venture capital investment for clean mobility technology startups and business models with a particular focus on clean mobility.

Micelio Discovery Studio

Micelio Discovery Studio is a product design, development and testing facility that enables clean mobility startups to accelerate and advance from ideation and pre-compliance.

Micelio Community

The intent of the Micelio community is to create a pool of knowledge, resources and solutions to tackle core issues, pain points and areas of interest of the entire ecosystem.

Micelio Pulse

Micelio Pulse organizes stakeholder workshops and funds research in order to evangelize the cause of clean mobility, enhance market visibility, acceptance and adoption of EV.
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What Micelio does ?

We understand the potential for massive planet-wide impact from enhanced awareness, access and viability of the EV ecosystem in India – the world’s fastest-growing major economy with a population of nearly 1.4 billion individuals.

Micelio Is Actively Integrating And Promoting Clean Mobility On Four Critical Fronts


Enhancing access to capital


Enhancing access to Engineering facility


Creating a authoritative channel for advocacy, research and training


Providing a platform for the free flow of ideas and information

Our Partners

Meet The Community members/partners

Micelio engages with various stakeholders in the clean mobility community as an enabler, facilitator and force-multiplier.